Quiet is the best word to use to describe meeting Damian. Dealing with Epilepsy in his younger years, he has overcome adversity and has been seizure free going on 7 years now. He was granted his wish of going on a mouse themed cruise and him and his family had a blast. In his spare time he likes to play video games, flip on the trampoline and spend time outside playing. He also loves to fish and is really looking forward to hunting this year. That’s a great thing because his favorite food is steak! Not only is he a great kid, but he is the best big brother ever!



Cerebral Palsy doesn’t slow down this girl one bit! Alyssa is a huge Pittsburgh sports and country music fan. Her favorite movies were the “Night At The Museum” series. They influenced her decision for her wish, which was to go to Washington DC and see all the sights from the movies. When she’s not playing on the Mighty Penguins sled hockey team you can find her swimming, horseback riding or even snow skiing! Alyssa likes any kind of food as long as it’s not spicy, and get this, she prefers fruits and veggies over candy and cookies! Her love of old cars brings her back to WW&W every year!! Alyssa is looking forward to her final year of high school and is planning to go to college to study business.


Edward (Eddie)

At 4 years old Eddie was diagnosed with a brain tumor that attached to his optic nerve and pituitary gland. If you ever met Eddie, you know it hasn’t done anything to hold him back! He was granted his wish of getting a play set/ clubhouse in his back yard. He was even made mayor for the day too (click for video)! Pepperoni pizza with ranch and McDonald’s french fries with bbq sauce are his favorite foods. Eddie is an avid car collector and has a collection of over 200 Hot Wheels. Helping others is something he hopes to carry on into his dream of becoming an Oncologist. So make sure you say hi to this ball of energy at the next WW&W…if he ever stops!