Our Wish Kids 2



The best way to describe Baylee is “happy go lucky” I would say. Everytime I see her there is a smile on her face and she is usually giggling. Her and her family have attended the past two events that we have had and had a blast at both. Baylee loves riding in the cars and all the activities we have during the day. Having Guillain-Barre Syndrome sometimes sidelines her from doing her favorite hobby, which is being a cheerleader. For her wish, Baylee was able to go to Disneyworld and see all her favorite characters while having a great time in the amusement park. She loves Wheels, Wings & Wishes, especially the wing part since mild wings are her favorite food! Can’t wait to see you next year Baylee!

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Spina Bifida doesn’t slow down James in any way shape or form. You can catch him playing sled hockey with the Mighty Penguins or playing baseball with the Miracle League. He is also an active member of the Special Olympics! Him and his family love attending Pirate and Penguin games. James favorite athlete is Sidney Crosby and not just because they share the same birthday in August! Originally diagnosed with a seizure disorder, his wish was for a swimming pool for his whole family to enjoy on the hot summer days. When asked what his favorite foods are, he answers like most kids his age do, “Pizza and Chicken Fingers!” He also loves traveling and staying in different hotels when they go on vacations to Disney or traveling with the sled hockey team. Can’t wait to see you on the new Miracle Field at Moon Park next year!!!



Meet Marissa, a very energetic young lady who loves to dance at our event to the band Tuned Up. She also loves all sports including basketball, baseball, swimming and especially karate. Marissa was born with Duodenal Atresia and Tetrology Fellow. Along the way she has also had an assortment of surgeries and infections. She is currently be treated for Achalasia which is disorder where food and water are prevented from passing into the stomach. This prevents her from eating at her favorite restuarant, Taco Bell. In 2015, Marissa had her wish of attending and meeting One Direction in Pittsburgh. And get this! She want to fulfill another dream by taking care of sick children for a living. We think thats a great idea! Good luck, get better and hope to see you soon Marissa!!